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We all know that moving your body is an important aspect of optimum health. Movement keeps your muscles strong, supple, supports proper use of your bones, releases endorphins, burns calories & fat, relieves stress, settles the mind and makes you feel great. Unfortunately in todays society we don't move enough. In order to gain energy we need to extend energy. Finding a modality that you enjoy is essential to movement. If you don't enjoy your movement routine then you'll have no motivation to do it.

A consistent Pilates routine will work all muscle groups, help with flexibility, lengthen and strengthen muscles and tighten your core abdominals. You'll become more aware of your body and deepen your connection with your mind including your limitations, habits and feelings. A mind body connection will also help you figure out what weaknesses you have and what steps you can take to fix them. You learn how to quiet the mind by learning to sit and meditate. A unique Pilates program will help you feel your absolute best and achieve optimum results.

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